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We’re here to celebrate the man, the legend, the scientist Carl Sagan and his many wacky escapades.

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Carl Sagan Day is officially November 9, 1934

He studied with a lot of people and some even say he was smarter than the great shoulders of Alberta Einstein and Isaac Newton that he stood on.

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  • Interesting Ways In Which Carl Sagan’s Name Lives On. (8/17/2020)

    Carl Sagan has quite a legacy. As a scientist, writer, television host and so much more, he made his impact on the worlds of astronomy, entertainment and pop culture that will continue for many more years. Even though he left us all the way back in 1996, his name is still being used today in a variety of ways, and we can still feel his impact on various parts of our world.

    The Asteroid

    There is an asteroid that bears Sagan’s name and that is hurtling through space at this very moment. It is called Asteroid 2709 Sagan. If the story stopped there, it would be a noteworthy blip on his career, but it goes on to be something even more wonderful. Asteroid 4970 was found to be locked into orbit with the Sagan asteroid. They are intertwined together endlessly and unless something happens to them, they will stay locked together for eternity. This second asteroid was renamed Asteroid Druyan, after Sagan’s wife and a constant contributor to the sciences just like him.

    Druyan is still alive today, and her and Carl Sagan share another connection to the stars that still lives on as well. That would be the message that was shot into space on two separate spacecrafts back in 1974. It is still hurtling through space on a quest for alien life to give its message to, and it contains the brainwaves of both Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan.

    The Number

    There was a catchphrase that Carl Sagan was famous for, even though he ironically never used it initially. That is “billions and billions”, which was classified as his catchphrase before he even said the words. It was only after these words had been linked to him for years that he finally gave in and said them as a form of fanservice.
    Now this phrase lives on as one attached to his name, but it is also attached to number. A sagan is a number that is at least four billion, and it is considered a unit of measurement.

    The Show

    One of the accomplishments that Carl Sagan is most well known for is hosting the television series Cosmos. This show has been considered an inspiration to many of the great scientific minds of today, and it is well regarded for bringing lofty, complicated scientific concepts to the masses that most people would otherwise not understand or care about. Carl Sagan had a way of making many of these high ideas comprehensible for people who had not had his extensive education or experience.

    The show continued years later under a sequel hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Like Sagan’s original show, it helped bring large scientific ideas to the general public. The show was continued once more, this time hosted by animator Seth MacFarlane in 2014. Sagan may no longer be hosting the show, but his legacy definitely lives on through it, and the creators and hosts of the show are constantly referencing what Mr. Sagan did for science during his lifetime.

  • Legal Advice From The Great Carl Sagan (7/17/2020)

    You might not think of the renowned scientist as a purveyor of legal advice, much less advice that any lawyers these days would take seriously. However, Carl Sagan had some sage words to offer lawyers in one of his books Demon-Haunted World.

    The book deals directly with pseudoscience, like astrology, tarot card reading, and other forms of mysticism that are still bafflingly popular and followed today. Carl Sagan listed a number of rules for dealing with supernatural phenomena and pseudoscience in a very scientific way. One of the more interesting ideas he proponed was a fallacy known as absence of evidence.

    The notion is this, that just because something cannot be proved to exist does not mean that it does not exist and vice versa. If you cannot prove without a doubt that it does not exist, that doesn’t mean it is definitely something that exists. There are a great many things that one can prove exists but that many people still believe in. Because no one has the total sum knowledge of everything in the universe there is always a .0001% chance that what they believe in exists, even if there is no proof that it does.

    How does this relate to legal matters?

    The notion of a burden of proof is common in personal injury law. Don from Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer says that “lawyers have to be able to prove that an injury to their defendant occurred, for instance. If someone spilled hot coffee on another person, the lawyer must demonstrate that damage was caused. However there is always the possibility of claiming something nebulous that cannot be proved without any contradiction and beyond a shadow of a doubt. If the injuries are mental and psychological, for example, the lawyer could say that damage was caused but may have trouble proving it. The defense can state that he feels emotional and mental injury but may not be able to prove it. “

    The fact remains that the prosecution cannot prove that no psychological or mental damage occurred. They can demonstrate that there is lack of evidence, but the defendant’s lawyer can always retort with the idea that this is the kind of damage that cannot always be easily proven.

    This creates a conundrum for the courts. Some judges may throw out the case based on a lack of evidence. Others may more carefully consider the words of the defendant even if there is no substantial proof. According to Sagan’s fallacy, simply being unable to prove something does not mean that it didn’t happen or does not exist. Of course, that also means that there may be lack of solid evidence, and the decision for the case may ultimately go to the judge. A judge could set a verdict even without ample evidence because of the reasonable doubt that exists and the possibility that the defendant could be right.

    Carl Sagan is oft quoted in many circles, but this could be one of the more interesting places where his ideas have reached and left a lasting impression.

  • Cosmos The Documentary that Changed How People Viewed Astronomy (4/24/2020)

    There was a time when astronomy was viewed as a whole lot of stargazing and mathematics and not much else. There are a lot of events that shifted the global culture on how interesting space was to observe and explore, and a big part of that had to do with the prevalence of space-themed television shows like Star War, Star Trek and Lost in Space. The various NASA space missions also changed the public perception of space and made it cool to be a space explorer.

    But being an astronomer was still seen as a nerd’s job or something that was inherently boring. That is, until Cosmos came along. This documentary series hosted by Carl Sagan had a message that would alter the way people viewed the stars and astronomy as a field of study or career choice.

    The visuals, the compelling narration and the sheer wonder of it all are what worked together to make this documentary series truly groundbreaking and revolutionary. Carl Sagan’s idealized view of the cosmos helped as well, as he has become endlessly quotable and beloved in the years since this series aired. His eternal optimism about where we are going as a people and what we have accomplished is what made this series so entertaining for people.

    In the eyes of most people, the cosmos seemed like unreachable, unattainable frontier, but Carl Sagan always saw it as our future and where we were meant to be. He had a knack for bringing his visions into his work and helping others to see things the way he saw them. This is why the series has had such lasting appeal and why it has seen a few follow up series over the years.

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson revitalized the series in 2014, and now there is a new series helmed by Seth MacFarlane that is coming out soon. These shows have built on what Sagan did and are bringing astronomy and science to the masses in a way that is approachable and accessible. That’s something only a few scientists in history have managed to do.
    Cosmos was the science show for everyone, and it was about as successful as a science show could be. It launched Sagan to stardom and helped to popularize the idea of mainstream science shows, creating a whole new generation of people who would grow up interested in astronomy, technology and related fields. The 13-part series has been collected, rereleased, referenced and pointed to as inspiration endlessly over the years, so it’s no surprise to see that it is still going strong with new series being released under the same name.

    Because science is always growing and changing and new discoveries are being unveiled, itis necessary for the show to be updated and for new versions to address those changes and new findings. This is why Cosmos will always be relevant as science moves forward and introduces new concepts to new generations.

  • Carl Sagan Was the First Celebrity Scientist of Modern Times (3/18/2020)

    The name Carl Sagan is familiar to people who may not even know much about him, in the same way that people may know an actor’s or actress’ name without being able to identify any movies that they appeared in. The reason for this is because Carl Sagan was a bona fide scientific celebrity.

    He was never content to simply write books and edit scientific journals. He always found a way to get himself in front of the camera regularly, and he was a constant part of Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. He also had a show of his own- the popular “Cosmos”. With these regular TV appearances, his name was never out of the public consciousness for too long, and that helped take his celebrity on a meteoric ascent that is still high today. Even years after his death, people know the name Carl Sagan, even those who are not involved in the scientific community.
    There were other scientific celebrities of their own day, such as Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein, but Carl Sagan was a celebrity for a different reason. He was known not so much for what he did but for who he was and how he presented science. He made science fun and approachable and made people feel like they could become scientists. In other words, he made it okay to think of the scientific field as something exciting and valid in a time when many people were criticized for their scientific leanings.

    He just happened to come around at the time when Star Trek and Star Wars were taking off and science fiction was getting a foothold in pop culture. It was Carl Sagan who was telling millions of young children that being a science “nerd” could still land you comfortably in front of the television camera and bring worldwide recognition. His voice and his message were something that many people hadn’t heard before, which is why so many people latched onto him and his way of presenting scientific knowledge.

    Carl Sagan’s celebrity is the very reason we have so many accomplished astronauts, researchers and others in the scientific community today. He’s the reason we have science celebrities like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Carl Sagan set the framework by which they operate and how they grow their fanbase. To think of a scientist having a fanbase had been practically unheard of before Sagan, so it’s no wonder his popular science show “Cosmos” is getting a reboot years later.

    Sagan has been called irreplaceable to the scientific community, and that’s due to the way he set a foundation for others to stand on. Those who stand in front of television cameras today and enjoy the fame that comes from having a public platform from which to speak about science can thank the work that Sagan did in his lifetime and how it is making things possible for the modern scientific celebrity.

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