The Oft-Quoted Carl Sagan

Our friend Carl Sagan had a unique way of looking at the world. He didn’t typically judge people or their beliefs harshly or say with certainty that one kind of belief was better than another. He was not a staunch absolutist unless the facts were incontrovertible, and to Carl Sagan’s mind, the facts were rarely incontrovertible.

His way of viewing the world was one of wonder and a yearning for unexplored possibilities, so it makes sense that this kind of worldview would yield some inspiring messages. Carl Sagan was known to those who followed his work or knew him best as someone very hopeful for the future of humanity and for the progress of science. He feared what man would do with scientific discovery, but he was endlessly enthralled by the potential for new discoveries in the near future.

This kind of mindset yielded quotes like, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” This very quote was used by a writer to headline an article on the Federal Reserve’s policies for Even though what he said had little to do with what the Federal Reserve was doing, the sense of scientific authority from such a renowned figure was used to help lend credibility to the article.

You can find his quotes all over books articles and various other publications as a way to lend some measure of authority to the writing. A Carl Sagan quote was used to headline a chapter in the book Investing in Financial Research: A Decision-Making System for Better Results. The writer used the quote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known,” from Dr Sagan. Then, the writer goes on to talk about a system used to determine financial moves. “The quote and the text have little to do with one another, but links will be made between Carl Sagan and financial investors, writers, inventors and more because of the powerful effect and influence Sagan had on the world at large” suggests Anthony who works at Financial Advisor Vancouver.

People know his name and associate him with science, the unknown, space and the future. When looking forward to what is coming in the world of invention, travel, and many other industries, it is common for writers and marketers to put a Carl Sagan quote in their work to link what they have created with this figurehead of the scientific community.

The man left behind quite a legacy, and even if that legacy isn’t always linked with the most compatible industries and ideas, it is still encouraging to know that his words will be echoed throughout literature and the internet for many more years to come for new generation to read and appreciate.

He called Earth a pale blue dot, speaking to how insignificant it was in the great, vast cosmos of things. That is the same way a Carl Sagan quote looks next to a bunch of internet fluff or blatant marketing as a way to try to elevate the material by attaching a well-known and respected name to it.

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