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We’re here to celebrate the man, the legend, the scientist Carl Sagan and his many wacky escapades.

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He was the best at science!

He studied with a lot of people and some even say he was smarter than the great shoulders of Alberta Einstein and Isaac Newton that he stood on.

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  • The Oft-Quoted Carl Sagan (6/19/2020)

    Our friend Carl Sagan had a unique way of looking at the world. He didn’t typically judge people or their beliefs harshly or say with certainty that one kind of belief was better than another. He was not a staunch absolutist unless the facts were incontrovertible, and to Carl Sagan’s mind, the facts were rarely incontrovertible.

    His way of viewing the world was one of wonder and a yearning for unexplored possibilities, so it makes sense that this kind of worldview would yield some inspiring messages. Carl Sagan was known to those who followed his work or knew him best as someone very hopeful for the future of humanity and for the progress of science. He feared what man would do with scientific discovery, but he was endlessly enthralled by the potential for new discoveries in the near future.

    This kind of mindset yielded quotes like, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” This very quote was used by a writer to headline an article on the Federal Reserve’s policies for Forbes.com. Even though what he said had little to do with what the Federal Reserve was doing, the sense of scientific authority from such a renowned figure was used to help lend credibility to the article.

    You can find his quotes all over books articles and various other publications as a way to lend some measure of authority to the writing. A Carl Sagan quote was used to headline a chapter in the book Investing in Financial Research: A Decision-Making System for Better Results. The writer used the quote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known,” from Dr Sagan. Then, the writer goes on to talk about a system used to determine financial moves. “The quote and the text have little to do with one another, but links will be made between Carl Sagan and financial investors, writers, inventors and more because of the powerful effect and influence Sagan had on the world at large” suggests Anthony who works at Financial Advisor Vancouver.

    People know his name and associate him with science, the unknown, space and the future. When looking forward to what is coming in the world of invention, travel, and many other industries, it is common for writers and marketers to put a Carl Sagan quote in their work to link what they have created with this figurehead of the scientific community.

    The man left behind quite a legacy, and even if that legacy isn’t always linked with the most compatible industries and ideas, it is still encouraging to know that his words will be echoed throughout literature and the internet for many more years to come for new generation to read and appreciate.

    He called Earth a pale blue dot, speaking to how insignificant it was in the great, vast cosmos of things. That is the same way a Carl Sagan quote looks next to a bunch of internet fluff or blatant marketing as a way to try to elevate the material by attaching a well-known and respected name to it.

  • Carl Sagan Was Looking to the Future (5/24/2020)

    The great scientific thinker Carl Sagan always had a mind toward what lay ahead. He wanted to touch and describe what could not be reached, like the far away stars or the far distant future. He was always trying to get a glimpse of what lay beyond human reach and at the same time make people as excited for it as he was.

    He did this through his writings and his many television appearances. In his book Cosmic Connection, Carl Sagan talk about what he envisioned the future to be like. Now, unlike many people of his time who wrote science fiction and based thier ideas of the future off of fantasies and dreams, Carl Sagan was basing his ponderings and prognostications off of scientific fact and where he saw the trends and the technology going.

    He envisioned a world where robots would be mass produced, taking over some of the menial or more difficult jobs on Earth. He imagined they would be taking the job of housecleaning and other daily chores so that we would have more leisure time or more time for inventing and bettering ourselves. “This is a bit ironic because he often used local cleaning ladies that he wanted to personally support” says Henry who owns Cleaning Services Chicago.

    Sagan also imagined an unmanned vehicle being sent to another planet. Perhaps it would be Mars, he surmised. He wasn’t wrong there. We are already seeing that happen. He recognized and respected that each country and each culture had their own view of space exploration. He knew that the idea of what space travel would be like in the future was open to interpretation, since there were several different space programs running during his lifetime, each with different goals and methods. Who would have thought that India would have been one of the next countries to make their way into space shortly after Sagan’s death?

    Sagan was fearful of the advance of technology and space exploration being connected to warfare. He knew the space race between Russia and the United States was spurred on by the Cold War and it owed its very existence to hostilities between these two countries. He noted that a great many people involved in space programs would not even have their job had it not been for the opposing views of the other country.

    What then would he think of the current US President’s Space Force? It’s military garb and focus on defense and vigilance can make it seem like a war readiness program more than an exploratory one. Would Sagan be uncomfortable with the future implications of such a program? He certainly had a lot to say about the militarization of space travel during his lifetime.

    But he had an optimistic outlook for the future many times in his writing. He said that military involvement in space prams could work out for good, because it involved military personnel up in space rather than on earth fighting with one another. He believed that technology and people would advance despite the motives behind those advances and that many of the technologies of the future would find a way to be used for good.

    Read our previous article here: http://carlsaganday.com/science/cosmos-the-documentary-that-changed-how-people-viewed-astronomy/

  • Cosmos The Documentary that Changed How People Viewed Astronomy (4/24/2020)

    There was a time when astronomy was viewed as a whole lot of stargazing and mathematics and not much else. There are a lot of events that shifted the global culture on how interesting space was to observe and explore, and a big part of that had to do with the prevalence of space-themed television shows like Star War, Star Trek and Lost in Space. The various NASA space missions also changed the public perception of space and made it cool to be a space explorer.

    But being an astronomer was still seen as a nerd’s job or something that was inherently boring. That is, until Cosmos came along. This documentary series hosted by Carl Sagan had a message that would alter the way people viewed the stars and astronomy as a field of study or career choice.

    The visuals, the compelling narration and the sheer wonder of it all are what worked together to make this documentary series truly groundbreaking and revolutionary. Carl Sagan’s idealized view of the cosmos helped as well, as he has become endlessly quotable and beloved in the years since this series aired. His eternal optimism about where we are going as a people and what we have accomplished is what made this series so entertaining for people.

    In the eyes of most people, the cosmos seemed like unreachable, unattainable frontier, but Carl Sagan always saw it as our future and where we were meant to be. He had a knack for bringing his visions into his work and helping others to see things the way he saw them. This is why the series has had such lasting appeal and why it has seen a few follow up series over the years.

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson revitalized the series in 2014, and now there is a new series helmed by Seth MacFarlane that is coming out soon. These shows have built on what Sagan did and are bringing astronomy and science to the masses in a way that is approachable and accessible. That’s something only a few scientists in history have managed to do.
    Cosmos was the science show for everyone, and it was about as successful as a science show could be. It launched Sagan to stardom and helped to popularize the idea of mainstream science shows, creating a whole new generation of people who would grow up interested in astronomy, technology and related fields. The 13-part series has been collected, rereleased, referenced and pointed to as inspiration endlessly over the years, so it’s no surprise to see that it is still going strong with new series being released under the same name.

    Because science is always growing and changing and new discoveries are being unveiled, itis necessary for the show to be updated and for new versions to address those changes and new findings. This is why Cosmos will always be relevant as science moves forward and introduces new concepts to new generations.

  • Carl Sagan Was the First Celebrity Scientist of Modern Times (3/18/2020)

    The name Carl Sagan is familiar to people who may not even know much about him, in the same way that people may know an actor’s or actress’ name without being able to identify any movies that they appeared in. The reason for this is because Carl Sagan was a bona fide scientific celebrity.

    He was never content to simply write books and edit scientific journals. He always found a way to get himself in front of the camera regularly, and he was a constant part of Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. He also had a show of his own- the popular “Cosmos”. With these regular TV appearances, his name was never out of the public consciousness for too long, and that helped take his celebrity on a meteoric ascent that is still high today. Even years after his death, people know the name Carl Sagan, even those who are not involved in the scientific community.
    There were other scientific celebrities of their own day, such as Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein, but Carl Sagan was a celebrity for a different reason. He was known not so much for what he did but for who he was and how he presented science. He made science fun and approachable and made people feel like they could become scientists. In other words, he made it okay to think of the scientific field as something exciting and valid in a time when many people were criticized for their scientific leanings.

    He just happened to come around at the time when Star Trek and Star Wars were taking off and science fiction was getting a foothold in pop culture. It was Carl Sagan who was telling millions of young children that being a science “nerd” could still land you comfortably in front of the television camera and bring worldwide recognition. His voice and his message were something that many people hadn’t heard before, which is why so many people latched onto him and his way of presenting scientific knowledge.

    Carl Sagan’s celebrity is the very reason we have so many accomplished astronauts, researchers and others in the scientific community today. He’s the reason we have science celebrities like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Carl Sagan set the framework by which they operate and how they grow their fanbase. To think of a scientist having a fanbase had been practically unheard of before Sagan, so it’s no wonder his popular science show “Cosmos” is getting a reboot years later.

    Sagan has been called irreplaceable to the scientific community, and that’s due to the way he set a foundation for others to stand on. Those who stand in front of television cameras today and enjoy the fame that comes from having a public platform from which to speak about science can thank the work that Sagan did in his lifetime and how it is making things possible for the modern scientific celebrity.

  • Have Carl Sagans Fears Been Realized? (2/21/2020)

    One of Carl Sagan’s most famous quotes talks about how our world will soon be governed by science and technology that few people living in it will understand. If we look around now at this world, then it seems he was very right.
    Technology and the science behind it play an integral part in our life, and that’s truer each day than it was the day before. As we go to work or to school, as we travel the world, as we enjoy our hobbies, more and more of these aspects of our life are being taken over by technology. Even relationships are happening through technology. How many people have you heard of that met their partner or spouse though a dating app or some kind of social media platform? How much time do we spend on our phones and glued in front of screens? Technology is pervasive and some would say worryingly so.

    Yet, how much of it do we understand? We may understand that there is a difference between one model of the iPhone and another. We may know that the internet allows us to do so much more today than we were able to years ago, but how much of it do we really understand? For most people, acceptance is as deep as they go in their relationship with technology- well, acceptance and reliance.

    Most people could not be divorced from their technology, and yet so many of them know very little about how the devices operate that they use every day. There was a time when people would want to find out how things ticked and what made them operate. They would take them apart and want to learn more about how their telephone, remote control car or telescope operated. Now, it seems they simply accept that they need and use these things and never question the inner workings at all.

    This was Carl Sagan’s fear from when he lived. He saw a world that was filled to the brim with technology, but very few people interested in what made that world operate. It’s understandable that not everyone would be interested in how every device they use works, but it is worrying there are so many people using these devices and making use of technology with no real understanding of any of it. They exist without valuing, and they use without understanding, and that means they are less likely to contribute to furthering technology.

    It also means that they will not approach technology with any sort of wonder. Advances will be made that are never ooh-ed and aah-ed over. People simply want to move to the next technological advancement without stopping to think how they got there. That can be dangerous for a culture and a society that is so dependent on technology. The potential to stagnate or to lose the ability to make what we already have is high, and that rightfully worries forward thinkers, as it did the late Carl Sagan.

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